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Today I would like to announce start of this new product. Until now we have been offering inject prints only in our shop section, but from today I would like to offer you unique chance to buy new silver gelatin prints. My objective is to print a new print in archival quality every month and present it here. I am also planning to share all details about the printing process and the photograph itself. I have found this inspiration in LensWork magazine and I strongly believe in systematic work, so I am willing to put this kind of pressure on me from now on.

I will only print very small limited editions of 5 pieces plus 3 artist proofs. All photographs are printed on Ilford Warmtone Fiber paper or Ilford Multigrade Art paper and toned in selenium or sepia. All photographs are printed in one size (30 x 40 cm) and mounted on 40 x 50 cm museum archival quality mat board.

Traditional darkroom printing represents very special process for me, I am not sure if I can explain it properly, but it put my photography to different level of enjoyment. As I mentioned here I am trying to go to my darkroom once a week for couple of hours and every single time I enter the darkroom it feels like entering to another world, where my mind is free of daily routine and I am focusing on making the best possible photographs with my hands and imagination. It is not the easiest process, the learning curve is very steep and number of failures is high, but once the final print reaches my expectations it fully compensates the hassle.

Let me start this new series with silver gelatin print called “Swallow” which is part of my “Northern Lights in Black and White“ portfolio. Since I have already wrote about this photographs here I will not spent much time talking about it again.

Title: Swallow, Camera: Mamiya RB Pro S, Lens: Mamiya Sekor 50 mm, Film: Kodak T-Max 400 @ 1600, Exposure: 45″ , f 5.6, Namafjall, Iceland, 2012

Title: Swallow, Camera: Mamiya RB Pro S, Lens: Mamiya Sekor 50 mm, Film: Kodak T-Max 400 @ 1600, Exposure: 45″ , f 5.6, Namafjall, Iceland, 2012


Here you can see my print log and get an idea about the level of dodging and burning I had to do to get the result as I want. As you can see the whole process is done in ten steps after which comes development for two minutes, stop bath for 30 seconds and fix for two minutes. I do use two step fixing. I take the print from the first fixer after a minute and wash it quickly in water. Than I apply potassium ferricyanide, if needed, to reduce density in some parts of the print. In this case I use it very gently on some parts of lights to make them a bit lighter. When I am happy with the results, I rinse the sprint in water and put it to second fixer for one more minute. After that comes, short washing, hypo clearing bath, selenium toner and final washing.


Swallow, Print Log, 21/8/2013

Swallow, Print Log, 21/8/2013


Here is the original matted silver print, which you can buy in our online shop, but please allow me three to four weeks for delivery.




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  3. Yoko says:

    can i ask from where i can download that blank “Print Log”?
    Thank you!

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